BSL Lexical Norms
A set of norms for age of acquisition, familiarity, and iconicity for 300 British Sign Language signs, as rated by deaf signers. These data are provided in the hope that they may prove useful to researchers studying BSL and other signed languages. The folders below contain video clips of the BSL signs that were rated. The first folder also contains the normative data in Excel and tab delineated formats:

Note: The age of acquisition ratings included in this dataset are not based exclusively on native signers - but are based on a variety of deaf signers, not all native - so they are best thought of as an estimate of the order in which signs may be learned.

Vinson, D. P., Cormier, K., Denmark, T., Schembri, A., & Vigliocco, G. (2008). The British Sign Language (BSL) norms for age of acquisition, familiarity, and iconicity. Behavior Research Methods, 40(4), 1079-1087.

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